Top 10 brands in the world

Millward Brown calculates the value of the brands it ranks by surveying more than 2 million consumers around the world and using their responses to figure out how much of a company’s financial performance is due to its brand. Here, we present to you the top 10 brands in the world:

1. Google

Brand Value: $158.8 billion

% Change vs. 2013: 40%

What Happened: Google’s was BrandZ’s most valuable brand from 2007 through 2010, and this year it finally leap-frogged Apple to reclaim the crown.

In addition to integrating its products with our everyday lives (more than 425 million personal e-mail addresses end in “”), the company has shown an ability to innovate with the release of Google Glass and the acquisition of home automation company Nest.

2. Apple

Brand Value: $147.9 billion

% Change vs. 2013: -20%

What Happened: Apple’s three-year run at the top came to a close amid a 20% drop in brand value.

This past year, Apple went once again without a transformational new product, and it was beaten to market by Samsung with the first smartwatch.

Though the company is still selling lots of iPhones, consumers are really starting to question whether Apple is the innovation leader it once was.

3. IBM


Brand Value: $107.5 billion

% Change vs. 2013: -4%

What Happened: IBM dipped in brand value for the second straight year, but retained its spot as the third most-valuable brand.

The company continues to develop its cloud computing capabilities, and it’s building out its big data and analytics teams.

4. Microsoft

Brand Value: $90.2 billion

% Change vs. 2013: 29%

What Happened: Microsoft’s brand decreased in value in last year’s rankings, but the old-school software giant enjoyed a 29% increase this time around.

The company announced a change in leadership this year with the appointment of new CEO Satya Nadella and enjoyed some success with the launch of Windows 8.

5 McDonald’s

Brand Value: $85.7 billion

% Change vs. 2013: -5%

What Happened: McDonald’s continues to struggle to gain affinity from an increasingly health-conscious consumer base.

Its brand value dropped by 5% for the second straight year, one in which its Mighty Wings product flopped miserably. Still, it’s the most famous of the fast food brands, and that certainly counts for something.

6. Coca-Cola

Brand Value: $80.7 billion

% Change vs. 2013: 3%

What Happened: Coca-Cola was far away the most valuable soft drink brand in the world, more than seven times as valuable as rival Pepsi (No. 88).

Still, Coke fell one spot in this year’s ranking, and BrandZ says soft drink brands in general are suffering from a lack of “meaningfulness” and “trust” among consumers due to poor nutritional values.

7. Visa

Brand Value: $79.2 billion

% Change vs. 2013: 41%

What Happened: Visa hopped two spots this year on strong brand value growth. Like American Express (No. 24), Visa differentiated itself from other credit cards by emphasizing the “rewarding” nature of its services.

8. AT&T

Brand Value: $77.9 billion

% Change vs. 2013: 3%

What Happened: AT&T grew marginally in brand value, but dropped two spots due to the growth of Visa and Microsoft. The BrandZ report attributes AT&T’s slow growth to competitive pressures and price disruption. It remains the most valuable brand among telecom providers.

9. Marlboro

Brand Value: $67.3 billion

% Change vs. 2013: -3%

What Happened: Marlboro dropped in brand value for the second year in a row, falling from the No. 8 spot to No. 9 in the rankings. Still, the high ranking reflects the fact that even though cigarettes are frowned upon from a health perspective, they remain extremely popular around the world.

10. Amazon

Brand Value: $64.3 billion

% Change vs. 2013: 41%

What Happened: Amazon’s meteoric rise has been well-documented, and this year was no different. The “Everything Store” entered the BrandZ top 10 for the first time and posted $74.4 billion in sales in 2013, a 22% increase.

The company is continuing its expansion into a media company with the rollout of new original series on Amazon Prime and the acquisition of rights to air certain old HBO series.