Russia imposes ban on Tajik airline

Somon Air

MOSCOW: Russia’s Ministry of Transport said in a statement on Sunday that it has imposed a ban on flights of the Tajik airline Somon Air to Russia.

“On March 31, a notification about response ‘mirror’ measures was referred to the Tajik side. Thus, a ban on Somon Air flights from Dushanbe (four flights a week) and Khudxhant (three flights a week) to Russian is imposed starting from 05:30 UTC on April 3,” the ministry said in their statement released to the media.

The ban comes as response to the refusal of the Tajik aviation authorities to reach an agreement with its Russian counterparts on the use of airports.

Tajikistan took the lead by refusing to give clearance to flights arriving from the Zhukovsky airport in Moscow, to which Russia reacted by threatening a complete halt to all flights to Tajikistan.