Nepal and Afghanistan lead with most women in parliament in South Asia

KABUL: Nepal has topped the list of countries with the highest number of women in national parliament while Afghanistan has the second position, according to data released by Inter-Parliamentary Union.

Pakistan is third, Bangladesh fourth, India fifth, Bhutan sixth, Maldives seventh and Sri Lanka obtained eighth position.

Globally Nepal ranks 48 while Afghanistan 54, Pakistan 70, Bangladesh 91, India 148, Bhutan 170, Maldives 179 and Sri Lanka 180th of the 190 countries, according to “Women in Politics 2017 Map” released by IPU.

In the global map, Rwanda, a war torn central African country, emerged as a model of women empowerment by holding the top position.

More than 60 percent MPs of Rwanda are women. The number of women in politics increased sharply in Rwanda following killings of male in the civil war in the country.

In Bangladesh, the prime minister, speaker of the house and leader of the opposition are all women.

Among South Asian countries, Afghanistan has made the biggest strides in the fight for women empowerment after decades of war.

Today, women serve in Afghanistan’s military, parliament, diplomatic missions and lead civil society organisations.

The growing instability threatens these gains made over the last 15 years.