IS issues threat to attack China

ISLAMABAD: Daesh also known as Islamic State (IS) has threatened China for the first time after releasing a video showing Chinese Muslim minority fighters vowing to return home and attack China from within.

The 30-minute clip, which has allegedly been released by a branch of the militant group in Iraq features a man being executed in the presence of a child as well as claiming to show the life of Chinese terrorists based in the Middle East.

The footage shows militants and child soldiers from China’s Muslim Uighur ethnic group vowing to return home and spill “rivers of blood”.

Young boys are seen practicing martial arts and assembling assault rifles in the video.

IS Website

The clip which also includes killings shows one militant saying to the camera:

“You Chinese people who don’t understand the language of the people. We – the soldiers of the Caliphate – will come to you and teach you the language of weapons, to spill rivers of blood as revenge against the oppressors.”

The man then slits the throat of his victim, hanging from the ceiling in an orange jumpsuit as a young boy looks on.