India threatens of revenge against Pakistan over soldiers’ death


NEW DELHI: The Indian Army has vowed revenge against Pakistan for killing and mutilating two Indian soldiers while patrolling the Kashmir border.

Indian army accused Pakistan of mutilating the bodies in Monday’s clash on the Line of Control between the two countries.

Indians, including the mourning families of the soldiers, feel Pakistan “should be taught a lesson”.

The two soldiers killed were named, by India, as Paramjit Singh and Prem Sagar. They had been part of a nine-member patrol team, according to K.N. Choubey of the Border Security Force.

Monika, the daughter of head constable Prem Sagar, said she wanted Indian forces to kill at least 10 Pakistani troops to avenge her father.

India’s finance minister, who’s recently taken on the defense portfolio, expressed his anger in a tweet.

“The act of killing and mutilating the bodies of two of our soldiers is the most reprehensible and barbaric. The sacrifice will not go in vain,” Arun Jaitley said.

“We have fullest confidence in our armed forces who will react appropriately,” he added.

To avenge the death of its soldiers, India has in the past responded with “surgical strikes,” which targeted terrorist cells and military bases across the de-facto border shared with Pakistan in Kashmir.