India buying weapons with a budget of $250 billion

NEW DELHI: The Indian government has finally embarked on a shopping spree for modern assault rifles, body armour and helmets as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s $250 billion push to modernise armed forces.

“The 1.3 million-strong military is abandoning its two decade-old Indian made INSAS rifles and seeking to outfit its infantry with more up-to-date equipment, scouting for a new model on the global market for 185,000 assault rifles,” Bloomberg News reported.

India needs 65,000 rifles within 28 months of signing the contract and has asked global manufacturers to reply by November 7, the report said quoting defence ministry officials. India plans to issue a tender for procuring rifles in April 2017.

The decision comes at a critical time when tensions between Pakistan and India are on a tipping point.

The Indian army seems to be preparing itself for preemptive strikes against Pakistan based terrorists by outmanoeuvring them through the use of modern weapons.