Avalanches in Tajikistan kill seven

DUSHANBE: A series of avalanches due warm weather following heavy snow in Tajikistan have killed at least seven people, according to Tajikistan’s Emergencies Committee.

The avalanches killed least five people on a highway linking the capital, Dushanbe, with the country’s second-largest city, Khujand, the emergency services committee said on Monday.

The committee also said two more people were also killed when avalanches hit the remote Pamir region in the country’s east.

According to the committee, around 800 people had been evacuated after the incidents and rescue operations were underway.

Authorities have called on people, including visitors to the country, to avoid traveling to the areas with the risk of further avalanches.

Tajikistan, with mountains accounting for 93 percent of its land area, is prone to avalanches due to severe weather conditions and heavy snowfalls during winters.